vRent - Vacation Rental Marketplace v2.7

vRent is an online vacation rental booking website designed particularly for holiday rentals all over the world.

vRent - Vacation Rental Marketplace v2.7
vRent - Vacation Rental Marketplace

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vRent is exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of the landlords who want to seriously make money by listing vacation rentals from all around the globe. vRent allows you to create your own vacation rental platform to help guests to find space for a cost.

vRent v-2.7 February 12, 2020

Bug Fixing: Fixed first time when adding profile picture from user profile an 
error occurring
Bug Fixing: Fixed user inactive showing an error in 
user page
Bug Fixing: Fixed user profile image upload text issue 
Bug Fixing: Fixed admin login error when giving wrong information
Bug Fixing: Fixed inserting message again and again when click more than one 
times in button
Bug Fixing: Fixed currency sign is showing undefined in user transaction list
Bug Fixing: Fixed Row per page not showing properly
Bug Fixing: Fixed error while doing user email verification
Bug Fixing: Fixed two property bookings at a time when giving payment 
crendentials (Stripe)
Bug Fixing: Fixed payout method details not saving in user panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed payout method details not saving in user panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed undefined city when property and booking is created

Improvement: Submit button color & position changed
Improvement: Changed background color for the success message
Improvement: Page redirection is not accurate in admin panel  
Improvement: Added admin messages module for sending the message as a host
Improvement: Added review rating edit option in the admin panel
Improvement: Added customer dynamically at the time of adding properties
Improvement: Can't see the host property booking list from property bookings in the user panel    
Improvement: Complete profile button will redirect to the user verification page
Improvement: Duplicate validation messages are showing
Improvement: Manage review page redirection not working while clicking on 
cancel button.
Improvement: If past review is not available don't need to show past review section
Improvement: Added property delete option
Improvement: Message is updated through descending order in the user dashboard.

New Features: Added phone number with country flag
New Features: Added Twilio for sending SMS in phone
New Features: Added preference with date separator and money symbol position
New Features: Added customer add option from admin properties


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