Recipes drinks - SQL Database

Download free Recipes drinks - SQL Database. A large collection of recipes for various drinks for your site or application in SQL format.

Recipes drinks - SQL Database
Recipes drinks - SQL Database

A large collection of recipes for national drinks, cocktails. The database is divided into 3 parts.

An example of a database structure.

CREATE TABLE `drink` (
  `id` int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `title` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
  `keywords` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  `content` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  `cat` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
  `subcat` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
  `ingredients` text NOT NULL,
  `method` text NOT NULL,
  `serve` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
  `nutriinfo` text NOT NULL,
  `visible` int(1) NOT NULL default '0',
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)

An example of a table with data.

'57 Chevy recipe', '57 chevy, 57, chevy, vodka, southern comfort&amp;reg; peach liqueur, grand marnier&amp;reg; orange liqueur, pineapple juice, drink recipe, drink, recipe, alcoholic drink recipe, cocktail recipe, cocktail, mixed drink, martini', 'A delicious recipe for 57 Chevy, with vodka, Southern Comfort&amp;reg; peach liqueur, Grand Marnier&amp;reg; orange liqueur and pineapple juice. Also lists similar drink recipes.', 'Cocktails', 'Short drinks', '1/2 oz vodka<br>1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort&reg; peach liqueur<br>1/2 oz Grand Marnier&reg; orange liqueur<br> fill with pineapple juice<br></p><br>', 'Shake and serve.', 'Cocktail Glass', '(per 3 oz serving)</div><table  cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="395"><tr><td valign="top" width="135"><p >Calories (kcal)<br>Energy (kj)<br>Fats<br>Carbohydrates<br>Protein<br></p></td><td valign="top"><p >178<br>748<br>0 g<br>9.6 g<br>0.1 g<br></p></td><td valign="top" width="135"><p >Fiber<br>Sugars<br>Cholesterol<br>Sodium<br>Alcohol<br></p></td><td valign="top"><p >0 g<br>-<br>0 mg<br>-<br>26.2 g<br></p></td></tr></table>', 1


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