Online Taxi Booking App -Call My Cab Mobile App

Call My Cab is the most advanced online cab booking and dispatch system to drive your business into the future. It is a very helpful hybrid mobile app solution for Car,Taxi and Cab Rental business that helps to increase taxi booking orders and to boost customer satisfaction. Deploying the latest GPS technology, Call My Cab creates a full picture of locations of drivers and customers.

Online Taxi Booking App -Call My Cab Mobile App
Online Taxi Booking App -Call My Cab Mobile App

Download free Online Taxi Booking App -Call My Cab Mobile App



  • Awesome UI design

  • Separate apps for driver and passenger

  • One step and easy booking process.

  • Point to point transfer.

  • Google API integration for auto complete.

  • Option for setting cab types.

  • Display all booking details.

  • By Hand Payment method.

  • Customizable- Full Source Code.

  • Supports Android, IOS

  • Auto select current locations

  • Ride Later provisions

  • Vehicle Type & Price calculate.

  • Multilingual Support.

Driver Features

  • Driver registration / login

  • Calculating final fare on the basis of Miles

  • Checkride status

  • View information about travel routes.

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