This list contains articles with short HTML CSS examples of various elements to complement your site, mini tutorials on html css design, widget sets, tables, forms, popups and more.

Credit Card Design CSS HTML

A simple animation, the effect of turning the card from front to back, and only with the help of CSS. A beautiful HTML credit card...

Boarding Pass CSS HTML

An example of a ready-made boarding pass design using pure CSS code.

Calendar HTML CSS JS

🕑HTML CSS JS mini calendar project, showing a nice widget with the current date.

Bootstrap css html cards

A set of css html cards Bootstrap templates on a different theme.

QR code generator HTML JS

A very simple js script to generate a QR code. Suitable for any site written in php or html

CSS Glowing Text Animation Effect

Animated neon text effect. Design source code HTML CSS.

CSS HTML Animation of the main page of the site

Beautiful website page with animation. The effect of floating bubbles of different sizes. HTML CSS IMG

Credit, Debit cards css html design

How to make debit/credit card look as similar as possible in CSS html

HTML CSS movie card design

How to make a beautiful movie list design for your website. An example of a movie card.

Bootstrap cards js responsive slider

Source code and beautiful design for Bootstrap JS CSS HTML Slider Card.

Mobile Template HTML CSS Responsive

Video review of mobile design template with source code. HTML CSS JS

YouTube Video Player clone js

Video tutorial with source files to create a video player for your projects. The video player is similar to the well-known YouTube...

AdBlock Detect - js script for your site

AdBlock Detect - install on your site a warning to visitors to turn off the ad blocker.

HTML elements for the site

UI design of controls on your site. In HTML and CSS

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