How to make an apps for androide from an HTML site

Create a smartphone app in 5 minutes without programming skills.

How to make an apps for androide from an HTML site
How to make an application for androide from an HTML site

How to make a smartphone application from HTML pages of a site.

In order to make an application, you only need pages with a finished site in HTML / CSS / JS format.

Follow the link and download the blank files to create the app.

After downloading the archive, you need to extract all the files.

Here you can change the icon, files of your site HTML, title, author and more.


Using a text editor, you can open the config.xml file and replace the data with your own.


Next, go to the WWW directory. All the files of our HTML site will be stored here.

You just need to transfer your HTML site to this folder with a replacement.

After you transferred your files to the www folder, you need to put all these files and folders into the ARCHIVE again. Mandatory ZIP format.

 - The next step.
Follow the link to the Adobe PhoneGap Build page.
Create an account.
Next, click Upload a ZIP file and upload your archive.


If there are no errors, then your application will be created in 1 minute.
It can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. That's all. 

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