Grbl Pen Servo - Library for plotter.

Free GRBL Pen Servo library for Arduino firmware. Thanks to this library, it is possible to make a plotter drawing with a marker.

Grbl Pen Servo - Library for plotter.
CNC plotter on Arduino with your own hands.

Attention!!! You must definitely remove the GRBL library if you installed it before. To do this, go to the "Documents\Arduino\libraries" folder and look for the "grbl" folder, and delete it.

Next, you need to install the grbl library. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Copy the grbl folder from the archive to the Arduino libraries folder, which is located in the following path: Documents\Arduino\libraries.
  2. We go into the Arduino IDE and select from the menu: Sketch –> Include Library –> Add .ZIP Library… Select the downloaded archive and click the "Open" button. After installation, you will see an inscription that the library has been successfully added.