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Flubber v1.0.1 - Taxi app Nulled
Flubber nulled

Download free Flubber - Taxi Cab Full Solution with Customer and Driver Flutter App, Web and Admin Laravel Panel v1.0.1 Nulled

Flubber is an open source application for creating Taxi services, Uber clone, the archive consists of 3 main components that are necessary for a quality work in a taxi.

  1. Separate application for Clients.
  2.  Separate application for drivers of your service.
  3. Web application, an administrative part in which you can manage your Taxi service.

You, as the administrator of this application, give customers the opportunity to call a taxi by seeing their movement on the map online, and drivers to look for orders, customers, and thus give drivers the opportunity to earn money. You receive commission income from successfully completed orders.

Our website is for sale! The domain and website has been running for more than 3 years, but it's time to part with it. There is no price, so I consider any offer. Contact us if you are interested in buying in the feedback form, we will discuss options, price and details for transferring the site. (script, database and everything else for the site to work).