Fiberchat ADMIN App - Whatsapp Clone App v1.0.17 Nulled

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Fiberchat ADMIN App v1.0.17 Nulled
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The application of the administrative part of the Fiberchat application is needed to manage, moderate and communicate with users of your messenger.


Fiberchat Admin app is used to manage & Control the Fiberchat User app.

The App comes with following features:
1. Clean Design
2. Secure Login
3. Admin Security PIN Screen
4. Dashboard
5. Realtime Statistics
6. CountryWise data
7. Manage User
8. Search by Name, Phone Firebase UID of Users
9. User Profile
10. Allow/ Block User
11. Approval needed Switch
12. Settings & Control Panel
13. Manage User app Settings
14. Usage Controls
15. Allow/ Block Calls
16. Allow/ Block Media Sending
17. Allow/ Block Text Message Sending
18. Allow/ Block New Logins
19. Collect User Device Info
20. Allow/ Block Emulators
21. Android Maintainance Switch
22. iOS Maintainance Switch
23. Allow/ Block User
24. See Total Users
25. See Recently joined Users
26. See Users Profile
27. Users Profile details (Audio/Video call made & recieved, Media Sent, App visits)
28. See User Call History
29. See User Last-seen
30. See User Joined On time 31. See Approved / Blocked Users
32. User app version control
33. User app Settings
34. Admin app version control
35. Admin app Settings
36. Send Notifications to Users
37. See Notifications Recieved by admin
38. Set Terms Conditions & Privacy Policy
39. Edit Admin Profile, Picture
40. IsCalltotallyHideFeature Switch
41. Is24hrsTimeFormat Switch
42. IsAllowCreatingGroups Switch
43. IsAllowCreatingStatus Switch
44. IsAllowCreatingBroadcasts Switch
45. IsLogoutButtonShowInUserSettings Switch
40. Max.FileSizeAllowed Field
46. groupMemberLimit Field
47. StatusDeleteTime Field
48. feedbackEmail Field
49. Other Powerful Features

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Download v1.0.17
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