Demandium - Multi Provider On Demand, Handyman, Home service App with admin panel v1.3.0 Nulled

Demandium is a versatile Nulled PHP script for creating on-demand service apps. Multi-provider capability, real-time tracking, secure payment gateway, and customizable design.

Demandium v1.3.0 - Multi Provider On Demand, Handyman, Home service App with admin panel Nulled
Demandium Nulled

Demandium Nulled is a versatile and user-friendly PHP script that empowers users to create on-demand service applications for a range of industries, including handyman services, home maintenance, cleaning services, and more. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Demandium makes it easy to create a robust and reliable on-demand service application, without needing any coding experience.

Multi-Provider Capability

One of the key features of Demandium is its multi-provider capability. This means that you can create an on-demand service application that allows multiple providers to offer their services to customers. Whether you're building an application for home cleaning services or handyman services, Demandium enables you to connect customers with multiple service providers, so they can choose the provider that best suits their needs and budget.

Real-Time Tracking and Alerts

Demandium comes with a real-time tracking and alerts feature, which allows customers and service providers to track the progress of their service request in real-time. The feature enables customers to track the location of their service provider in real-time and receive alerts when their service provider is on the way, has arrived, or has completed the service.

Secure Payment Gateway

Demandium includes a secure payment gateway, which enables customers to pay for their services directly through the application. The payment gateway supports multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets, ensuring that customers have a hassle-free payment experience.

Intuitive Admin Panel

Demandium comes with an intuitive admin panel, which makes it easy to manage your application and service providers. The admin panel provides real-time insights and reports, enabling you to monitor your business performance and make data-driven decisions. You can also manage and onboard new service providers, set service rates, and review customer feedback through the admin panel.

Customizable Design

Demandium is highly customizable, and you can easily change the look and feel of your application to match your brand identity. With its flexible theme system, you can choose from multiple themes or create your own custom theme. You can also add your logo and customize your color scheme to create a unique and branded user experience.


In summary, Demandium is a powerful and user-friendly Nulled PHP script that enables you to create on-demand service applications for a range of industries. With its multi-provider capability, real-time tracking and alerts, secure payment gateway, intuitive admin panel, and customizable design, Demandium provides all the tools you need to build a robust and reliable on-demand service application. Whether you're building an application for home cleaning services, handyman services, or any other on-demand service, Demandium has everything you need to succeed.

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