CinemaRex v1.5.1 - Streaming Service Nulled

Download CinemaRex - Streaming Service v1.5.1 Nulled

CinemaRex v1.5.1 - Streaming Service Nulled
CinemaRex - Streaming Service

CinemaRex - Streaming Service v1.5.1 Nulled


Upload Video & Transcoding to multi resolution
Encrypted HLS video 
Upload using External Link
Upload Subtitles 
Upload Multi Movie
Upload Multi Series & Episodes
Support Live Tv (m3u8 &)
Upload content to Local Server 
Save Images with multi size in Local Server
Upload content to AWS S3
Using Cloudfront to get data
Using Cloudfront Signed Cookies to protect video
Upload using TMDB API
TMBD Support 49 Language
Upload using Custom
Braintree payments (Support Paypal)
Disable Payment Gateway (Use the free mode)
Create users with period time from admin panel
Add watermark to video
Using JWplayer to play video
Change Season/Episode from player component
Auto play next movie/episode
Add movie/series to collection
Sort Movie/Series (Multi Sort)
Search Movie/Series/Actors
Get Movie/Series of actors
Kids Section
Change Profile/Security
Cancel membership 
Resume membership
Get Billings
Change Plan 
IP/Location detecting
Delete Session
Multi Language 
Watch History
Recently Watched

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