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Calculating the number of business days between two dates...

In this article, you will find a ready-made function that will help you calculate the number of working days in the range of two dates.

php library with work geodata.

Rinvex Country is a simple and lightweight library that will help you find out various information about a specified country. You...

Symp – Doctor Finder Adobe XD Template

Medico UI Kit is a high quality pack designed for Hospital, Clinic, Doctor, Booking. The package containing tons of useful elements...

Sofia - Smart Home UI Kit

Sofia is a solution for Smart Home and IoT, able to inspire anyone and involve into a highly-productive cooperation. The exuberance...

Recipes drinks - SQL Database

Download free Recipes drinks - SQL Database. A large collection of recipes for various drinks for your site or application in SQL...

Recipes food - SQL Database

Download a free SQL food recipe database.

Hotels - SQL Database

Download free Hotels - SQL Database. List of hotels to build your website or application.

Baby Names Database

Download a free SQL database of baby names and their short descriptions.

Airports - SQL database

Free airport database with contact details. US airports. Download free SQL database.

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