Connecting Bluetooth Module HC-05/HC-06 to Arduino

How to properly connect the HC-05 module to the Arduino board, make control from a smartphone and receive data from sensors.

Grbl Pen Servo - Library for plotter.

Free GRBL Pen Servo library for Arduino firmware. Thanks to this library, it is possible to make a plotter drawing with a marker.

ioT Smart Home Automation Android App + Circuit + Gerber...

Download free Smart Home Automation Android App v3.0

A simple countdown timer on Arduino

A sketch of an example of a countdown timer for Arduino.

Smart home or wi-fi web server on esp8266 (Arduino)

How to make a smart home system controlled by a Computer via WI-FI \ NodeMCU ESP8266 Web Server

Automatic filling line Arduino

A small sketch for arduino. Automatic liquid filling line with menu control on the display 16 * 2

How to connect OLED I2C display to ARDUINO

Wiring diagram for OLED I2C display to Arduino and example sketch. Description of work and application.

Make a menu on the display, control buttons on Arduino.

How to make a menu display on the LCD display, control buttons and start a cycle on Arduino.

LiquidCrystal library for working with character LCD on...

This library allows Arduino boards to drive liquid crystal displays (LCDs) based on the HD44780 controller (or equivalent), which...

Arduino library for creating menus on LCD display "LiquidMenu"

Download the "LiquidMenu" Arduino library. To create a menu.

TM1637 4 digit 7-segment display Arduino module

TM1637 4-digit 7-segment LED display Arduino tutorial

RFID-module RC522: description, connection, diagram, characteristics

Detailed review of rc522 rfid module for Arduino: characteristics, wiring diagrams. An example of using the rc522 rfid module based...

AD8232 heart rate monitor arduino

Connection diagram, description and application of AD8232 Arduino sensor.

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