Active Ecommers add-on activation script

How to activate Add-ons to the Active Ecommers marketpel script.

Active Ecommers add-on activation script
Active Ecommers add-on activation script.

In the latest versions of the Active Ecommers script, there is a problem with the activation of add-ons. In this article, I wanted to show you how you can reset all add-ons and make them work.

In fact, there is nothing complicated here, the only problem was to find the fvile that is responsible for activating the add-ons.

  • Before installing add-ons, you need to find and edit the file: CoreComponentRepository.php
  • vendor/mehedi-iitdu/core-component-repository/src/CoreComponentRepository.php

You just need to replace the entire contents of the script with this one.

namespace MehediIitdu\CoreComponentRepository;
use App\Models\Addon;
use Cache;

class CoreComponentRepository
public static function instantiateShopRepository() {}

public static function initializeCache() {
 foreach(Addon::all() as $addon){
 if(Cache::get($addon->unique_identifier.'-purchased', 'no') == 'no'){
    Cache::rememberForever($addon->unique_identifier.'-purchased', function () {
    return 'yes';

and replace this file.

Only then can you download add-ons. Enter any password and the script will work.
Tested on Active Ecommers 5.5.4 version
php testing version 7.6

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